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What To Say If People Belittle Your Opportunity

'How is doing *insert name of your company* a job or career?

Heard this before?

What is the best way to respond

Here is my best advice

Firstly it is important to put in perspective where the person is coming from

9/10 people are not trying to make you feel bad or kick your confidence.

What they are REALLY asking is

Can you make a living from this? Can this pay your bills? Does this work?

From a Prospect

If you hear this from someone you are tryna to prospect they probably got mixed up somewhere.

I would advise saying.

" This is a business just like any other, therefore it has risk and rewards like any business.

I have another video/leaflet that will clear things up for you, which I am happy to share with you if you would like


If you are looking for something where you will have a boss, deadlines and capped income... this probably wouldn't be for you which is cool "

Remember your job is to see if they are open or not and point them towards the relevant information.

If you feel they are asking as an objection give them an easy out and move on.

From Family

However, If this comes from a friend or loved ones I would recommend saying

"Hey that's a good question, I understand it seems confusing initially. To clarify this is NOT a job which is what drew me towards it. There is no boss, fixed hours or deadlines. Which means how well I do is 100% down on me

With *insert your companies name* I am building a business within a business which is similar to buying a subway or domino franchise but without the 25k upfront fee and crazy overheads

Make sense?

I am happy to share a video with you that would explain better than I can?"

Really and truly there is no need for you to justify what you are doing, an important skill to develop in Network Marketing is to not let what others say affect you.

Your business won't be for everyone which is fine

And everyone won't get it which is also fine

My BEST advice is to not get too annoyed with others opinion on your business and look to speak to those who are open to learning more

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.


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