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What Muhammad Ali Taught Us About Network Marketing


I am sure over the last few week we have all seen footage, quotes and stories of the late 'great' Muhammad Ali.

On Monday I saw a video of a young Ali telling the sport commentator...

"I am the greatest'

And this was before he had even won a World Title and still went by the name Cassius.

What he taught us...

This reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my mentors Alex Buck who is a multi six figure earner across a number of Network Marketing companies.

Alex told me that one of the keys to his success in Network Marketing was to..

"Act like the position you want not the one you have"

He went onto explain that when you demonstrate the qualities of a top earner/position in your organisation consistently such as ; commitment, hard-work, resilience,mentor others etc you will eventually get paid like one

The greatest...

Ali taught us, if you believe in, tell everyone and act like what you want to achieve you can achieve it.

62 years, 41 flights & 3 world titles after Ali first proclaimed to the world what we was going to be, his legacy has transcended boxing and he is undisputedly known as one of 'The Greatest'.


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