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The Secret to Achieving Success in 2016

Its the end of December and I would bet all the presents under my Christmas tree that you have heard already the standard:

“Next year will be a better year”

“2016 will be the year that I…..”

“Next year will be my year”


These are phrases I am sure we have all uttered at some points in our lives, where we set ourselves a goal we wanted to achieve such as lose weight, learn a language or even see family more but fast forward a year and we still weigh the same, bonjour is still the only non English word we know and we still haven’t gone to see our Aunty Pat.

Why is this case?

Well what always seems to happen is a little thing called life seems to ALWAYS get in the way, it always seems to be the case that things just crop up and time just goes so quickly; but every year we still convince ourselves that next year will be different….

Well one thing I can promise you about 2016 is life will deliver setbacks and obstacles just as it has the last 2000mil years BUT the deciding factor is how we deal with these obstacles which will determine if we will achieve what we set out to achieve in the coming year.

Jim Rohn – Same wind blows on us all but its how we set our sails that will determine where we end up

But as this is the season of giving I will reveal the secret to what will make your next year a success or not….. but you need to follow what I say and carry out the following exercise to a tee!

SO the secret to making next year a real success for you and smashing through any obstacle life throws at you is to simply set clear, exciting and powerful goals.

In the words of Uncle J Rohn Make sure the greatest pull on you is the pull of the future, not the pull of the past which keeps taking you back, not the pull of the here and now which keeps you where you are now. The biggest pull and influence on you needs to be the pull of the future.

Therefore if you have powerful goals and lots of them that really excite you, your goals will become like an electromagnet, the bigger they are, the more important they are and the more there are… the stronger the pull….. SIMPLES.

When times get hard which they will and when life throws you a curve ball at you which it will, these goals will pull you through.
If your goals are powerful, clear and exciting you will be on the way to where you want to go ,irrespective of what obstacles and challenges get in your way.

The following exercise will be key in helping you to create these Magnetic Goals

Do each step separately, so without the future steps in mind.

1) Write a list on a piece of paper of at least 50 things you want to accomplish & acquire in the next 10 years+ aka 10 year goal list.

NOT what you think you can achieve but Think BIGG! & also include the small things

Eg. Experiences / Skills you Want to Acquire / Items / Places / Benefactor Goals / Benevolent Goals / People you would like to meet / people & Causes you would like to help/ Relationships/ Literally any and everything

2) Give each item either a 1,3,5,10 year time frame in which you can/want to achieve the goal

3) Pick the four most important 1yr goals

4) Why are these goals important to you? – Write small paragraph on each of the four

5) What sort of person must you become to fulfil the entire list?

Finally put 4) & 5) somewhere we you can look at it every single day and make sure you look at these every single day.

I can assure you that lack of goal setting will be the number one reason why the majority will not be successful in 2016.


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