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The Problem With Warm Market Prospecting

Is your warm market qualified ?...

The reason why 99% of network marketers struggle to build a team is because their warm market is NOT qualified. Is yours ? Here is how you can find. Answer the following questions about your friends, family & Facebook friends aka your 'warm market';

  • Are they interested in an business opportunity ?
  • Are they chasing financial freedom ?
  • Are they willing to put in the graft that is required to grow their business ?
  • Do they get the concept of network marketing ?
  • Are they willing to sell ?
  • Are they coachable?

I will bet my house on it that the answer is a MAYBE at best (for a couple) but probably a big NO(for MOST). Yet these are the people your upline calls your warm market & excepts you to grow your business from :/

Warm Market = Cold Market

If you were looking to buy a used car, would you walk around your local area looking for one & ask drivers if they are open to selling their cars...? of course not!

You would go and find a used car dealership, do your research & make a decision based on what suited your needs.Therefore it shocks me that most networkers waste their time on prospects who are frankly unqualified and ultimately uninterested which is extremely discouraging and a massive waste of time.

To be honest, in my opinion friends, family & Facebook friends are cold market prospects, which is evident by peoples success rate of converting these people into reps. The traditional definition of a warm market is person who knows you therefore would be open to listening about your opportunity. This approach has worked in our profession for decades but is becoming increasingly more inefficient since the rise of the internet & social media platforms. These platforms now gives us the ability to pre qualify prospects even before me speak to them.

How is that for a change?

Real Warm Market...

My idea of a warm concept is a persons who is a BIG yes on ALL the questions(Pre-qualified) but may not know me yet or is unsure of what opportunity to go with.

I prefer to have conversation with pre qualified prospects rather then my friends, family and Facebook friends any day of the week. As I know they are interested in a network marketing opportunity therefore all I am doing is helping them realise the benefits of working with me and being part of my team.

Which is alot easier then explaining on a costa napkin why this is not a pyramid scheme​.

I currently use Facebook & Google to find 1,000’s of pre qualified prospects all over the world, to speak to about my business opportunity. The great think about this ‘new skool’ approach is, majority of the time these pre qualified prospects reach out to me, asking about my opportunity and how they can join which is a nice difference from those awkward Facebook messages I use to send to old university friends asking to catch up.

New Skool Prospecting ...

I can assure you, this a lot simpler to set up then you think, but like anything else in business, this will take learning and practice.

This is an approach numerous top earners are adopting to great effect, as it is a proven way to build online and you can learn more about it here via my FREE 10day bootcamp

This approach will ultimately, enhance your skill set, help build your team by moving you into 21st century of prospecting. Are you ready for this journey?

Look forward to working with you.


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