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The First Thing You MUST Do When Starting Network Marketing


So you have made the decision to join a Network Marketing / MLM company.

So what now....

Do you go speak to anyone that will listen about your amazing new opportunity and see if they want to join?


Speak to family, get them to become your first customers and buy your product ??

Invite all friends and family to a hotel meeting where they will meet an executive in your new business ???

Spam social media with motivational quotes and links about the benefits/ exotic ingredients of your new product???

Let's begin...

When you first join there seems to be so much to do yet so little time. I am going to share with you the #1 thing that will greatly increase the chance of you succeeding and getting the lifestyle you want.

Be warned, it's extremely likely that your upline will disagree with this approach- their focus is to get you promoted to the next level as quickly as possible. However, this is often NOT the best approach for your long term success. In network marketing, like life, it's not how you start it's how you finish!

Don't be a quitter

Before I reveal my #1 tip it's important to look at the main reasons people quit network marketing:

1. Lack Of Results

Many people start Network marketing with completely wrong exceptations, to be sucessful it requires WORK and consistent work at that. To prosper you need to be in it for the long run, this is not a get rich quick scheme(but is a get rich scheme). Be in it for a reason not just a season - Kevin Latmore

2.Constant Rejections

When you are not appropiately upskilled (which I will go onto shortly) you will hear a hell of alot of 'No's'. I often see people charging around telling people about the oppourtunity and product and become massively dishearted very quickly. Mike Tyson put it best "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" In this business you need to be prepared to take a few hits

If followed correctly my advice will drastically reduce the likelihood of any of these happening.

Are you ready?...

Are you ready?

Aaron D Samuels #1 recommendation on the first thing you MUST do when you join a network marketing company is.......

Use the Product

I know what you're thinking; when I tell Network Marketers this for the first time their reaction is always the same- a blank stare that basically says 'is that it?!?'

Hear me out. Let me start from the top.

Your company operates a network marketing distribution as they know the value in wold of mouth advertising.

Think about it...

Your company chose this avenue as they felt that their product must be presented to customers in a personal way, by a fellow user and lover of it, rather than traditional mass advertising.

You need to understand a product to fully sell it's benefits.

With this in mind it makes complete sense that you must become a 'product of the product' , or else how are you REALLY going to convince others that it's a good investment and right for them?

Fully immerse yourself in it. Track your results. Do market research. Get creative with it's uses !

Here what I did....

For example, when my company first introduced a weight management shakes I experimented with different flavour combinations to find the best recipe. My stawberry & Cream twist on it is still very popular amongst my customers. Now when i'm speaking to someone who's interested I can make recommendations on delicious flavours so they can easily enjoy using the product.

If you use the product first then when you speak to prospects it won't come across as a fake sales pitch. Instead it will be a friend recommending a product they love and use- something we do all the time anyway!

Following my #1 tip will make your Network Marketing journey a whole lot easier- you'll move from a salesman to an expert that people can trust.

Massive difference.

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