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New Skool Network Marketing

Old skool Network Marketers...

Since I’ve been teaching Network Marketers how to grow their businesses using the Internet.

I regularly get messages from 'old skool Network Marketers' , who grunt that home parties, PBR, 121s and calling your list are the only ways you can build a successful business in Network Marketing.

While these methods have been used for the last 50 years and when executed correctly do work. (I even have people on my team who have built their businesses this way). These are no longer the only ways to build a successful organisation and I would argue that they are no longer the most effective ways either.

leaders of the new skool...

There are now numerous top earners building their organisation using 'new skool' techniques; such as social media ads, Facebook fan pages, blogging, email blasts, sales funnels, etc. to build. And these type of 6,7 & even 8 figure earners are becoming increasingly more common. Find out more here.

These ‘new skool’ Network marketers realise that the way we communicate, consume information and buy has drastically changed over the last 10 years. They are taking advantage and building MASSIVE organisations around the globe, 24/7 from the comfort of where ever they please by leveraging the internet, social media and new technology…

…Whilst a large majority of the industry are still chasing after friends/family, organising home parties and cold market prospecting at the mall….

Antique prospecting...

When I first started in Network marketing I quickly became frustrated with the old skool methods to build my business.

Having to write a list of all my friends and family, get them to have a look at my presentation and then try to get them to join or buy from me just seemed very outdated.

And as the typical millennial does I turned to the Internet for alternative ways & answers.

Out with the old in the with the new …

After months of cutting through mountains of information, some good some bad.

I met my mentors Tim Erway and Ferny Cellabos both new skool Network Marketers and 7 figure earners in Network Marketing.

Ferny taught me how to build my business using the internet via his Attraction Marketing Formula e-book.

For the last year I have studied, applied to my business the principles in AMF which has resulted in me amassing a 5k+ social media following who know like & trust me and generating 1000s of red hot leads of ideal reps & customers for my business.

4 proven steps...

Based on my experiences and what I have learnt I’ve summarised in 4 proven steps how anyone can start to recruit reps & acquire new customers using these 'new skool' techniques and here they are...

#1 Find the right prospect

If you could present your opportunity to anyone in the world who would they be ? how old are they? what are their interest? do they have kids? are they in debt? what sport team do they support?? what do they read? etc

Facebook ads allows you to target groups of people based on their interest, content they like and view.

Ideal Prospect No1

Young mum looking to start a home based business so she can stay at home and spend more time with her children

Ideal Prospect No2

Young professional tired of working a traditional 9-5, who is interested in entrepreneurship & diversified income

Ideal Prospect No3

Middle aged man who is in financial difficulties and reads articles from and shops at discount stores.

Facebook gives you the ability to get your message infront of your ideal prospect whether they are in your town or the other side of the globe.

The young mum you want to talk to shops at Babies”r”us & reads articles from Home Business Magazine. Where the young professional(20-32) follows ‘Gary Vaynerchuk, & has read Rich Dad Poor Dad (980k+ of those) .

My Facebook Advert Manager - 980k No.3 Ideal Prospects in USA, Canada & UK

Identify exactly who you want to speak to, be as detailed as possible and get a clear picture of who they are. Chose an ideal prospect who you can relate to, have common interest and connect well with(treat this as if you are picking an ideal friend).

Action - Write a detailed description of your ideal prospect. Ferny walks you through how to idenfity, laser target and attract your ideal prospect in his Attraction Marketing Formula free trainning.

#2 Present yourself as a Authority!

Assume the teacher role, if your prospects feel they can learn from you and that you give them value they will see you an authoritative leader figure giving you instant creditablity.

For example if you are targeting middle age men in debt, present yourself as a money saving expert who shares tips on how to save money and reduce debts.

When you give your ideal prospect valuable information they will begin to look to you for advice and see you as a creditable person.

Network marketing is a people business, people don’t join companies they join people. The more valuable you are, the more people that will want to join you and what you are doing.

People like to be led.

Action - Find out what your ideal prospect needs help with and start to educate them on it. The information needs to be helpful and actionable for your prospect

#3 Build relationship - know like trust

Create content (video,blog post,podcast) on a consistent basis to provide your prospect with helpful information around what they are looking for.

For example if your are targeting the young mum, your content could be ideas on fun things to do with your kids after work & on the weekends or tips on how busy moms can more efficiently manage there home

When producing content, it is important to engage with your audience as much as possible so you can get get a better idea of their dreams, painpoints and what makes them ticks.

It is vital you come across genunie, authentic and relatable. The goal is to get them to like you, have a positive impression of you and benefit from your content.

Action - Chose what medium you want to use (blog,Video or audio) and engage with your targeted audience to under what they need help with?

#4 Present opportunity (when time is right)

You now know and understand your ideal prospect.

They now see you as an authoritive leader, regularly view your content and seem to like you.

What now…

There are 2 ways to approach the final step:

1) Produce content presenting your opportunity as a recommendation to their problem i.e. more time with kids, alternative to 9-5 or geting out of debt. It is important to let them know that you will be working with them to help them to achieve what they want to achieve if they join your organisation.


2) When your ideal prospect reaches out to you for advice you present joining your organisation as the solution.

Action - Present your opportunity as a recommendation.

Attraction marketing...

In a Nutshell new skool network marketing is about you creating and building your biggest asset...YOU.

The 4 steps show you how to

1.Find your ideal prospect

2.Brand yourself as a guru to them

3.Get them to know, like & trust you

4.Them joining your team as the solution to their problem...

New skool network marketing turns you into a highly trusted and sort after leader. Your prospects seek you out for your advice, tips and recommendation. These steps turn complete strangers into red hot prospects looking to join you and your business.

I guarantee you this a lot simpler to set up then you think, but like anything else in business, this will take work and study.

This is the proven way new skool network marketers are building online and you can learn more about it here via my 10day bootcamp.

But ultimately, enhance your skill to you into the 21st century. Are you ready for this journey? Don't be a Blockbusters 🙂

Look forward to working with you.


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I help Network Marketers and small business owner to find new people to speak to about their business online. I teach free & paid strategies on how to leverage social media algorithm to get your content in front of the right people at the right time.

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