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How To Recruit Already ‘Successful People’ Into Your Team

Do you hesitate to approach already successful people on your prospect list, as you think they would NEVER be interested?

Today I am going to share with you a 2 part script you can use to get ‘already successful' prospects excited and eager about seeing your business opportunity. 

This is great to use when approaching business owners, doctors, lawyers, bankers or even prospects you think would NEVER join.

Best type of people to prospect

Getting eyeballs on your presentation is the most important part of growing a huge team. The more people who see your presentation the more people that will join.

Simple right?

Yet we all have people we just wouldn’t approach about our biz op as we believe they would say no

These are generally people who we look up to, are ambitious and who are doing pretty well for themselves.

From my experience, these type of people make the best team members, as they have big networks and are respected. Yet most network marketers don’t even bother to have a conversation with them.

Crazy right?


The way you approach is probably the most important part of the prospecting process

How you position your opportunity to your prospect will determine how open or not they are to hearing you out

When approaching successful, financial well off or those doing better than you. Position your business opportunity as something you are doing that you need their help & guidance on.

The script below allows you to indirectly prospect without them knowing they are being prospected

Indirect prospecting

Part 1

" Hey, Paul I really admire what you have achieved by/with _____ _. I've recently started a new business, as you are someone I greatly respect & look up to I would really appreciate if I could run you through the presentation & get some feedback

Are you free Tuesday @ 10 am? It should take no longer than 20mins"

Once your present, ask them what they think and spend some time listening to their feedback.

The second part is vital in making the indirect prospecting really work and assuring you always have new prospects to speak to

Once they finish speaking, reply

Part 2

"Thanks for taking time out your busy schedule to meet with me. I know this probably won't be for you.... but I would much appreciate if you could introduce me to 3 who you think would be interested?"

Their answer will normally be one of the following

1. This actually may be something I could do, can I have more info?

2. Here are the 3 people and this how I will introduce you

3. Both

This 2 part script allows you to present without any pressure and allows your prospect to openly listen without any sense of obligation or the normal defence barrier you get with direct prospecting.

Using this script you will be surprised by the responses you hear and who they are from

As a bonus getting introduced by a respected individual gives you and your biz opp credibility plus a stream of new people to present to

Indirect prospecting is a very effective skill to have in your arsene. But like any skill worth learning it will take time & practice to master.

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