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How To Prospect Without Feeling Embarrassed

If you feel embarrassed, talking to friends and family about your opportunity, it's probably down to one of the following;

You believe they will judge you for joining one of those "pyramid schemes"


You believe they will think you are just using them to make money

Clueless right?

Truth is Network Marketing has a negative stigma attached to it which will initially put most people you talk to off straight away.

Naturally, know-one  wants to feel what they are doing is stupid, won’t work or is a ’scam'.

Therefore your family & friends are probably not the best people to speak to about your opportunity. Especially if you are new or haven’t seen good results from it yet.

​'Traditional' Network Marketing

This is something I personally struggled with as the consistent negativity started to affect my relationship with family.

Traditional Network Marketing teaches you to 'ignore' what others think and 'go through the numbers’.

"Make a list of everyone you know or have ever meet. Contact, invite, present & close"

Even hearing this from top earners numerous times, still didn't sit well with me.

I didn't like the fact that my friends felt I was just tryna use or make money off them.

It was especially embarrassing when I would contact someone I ain't spoken to in ages just to talk about them joining my team.

I saw this approach work for some but it didn't suit my personality at all.

Another way

This was before I learnt how to identify and only speak to those who wanted to hear about my opportunity

Let me explain...

My mentor Ferny mantra always says...​

"Go where your celebrated not were your tolerated "

Applying this to your business, speak to only those who want to hear about your opportunity.

You do this by...

Reaching out to interested prospects or Have prospects reach out to you...

Become attractive!

People don't join your opportunity they join you.

Look attractive

Your social media profile is a gold mine!

It gives you the platform to showcase who you are and importantly gives others an insight into your life and what you are doing.

Use this to your advantage in your business.

Look through your Facebook & Instagram. Put yourself in someone viewing your profile shoes and ask these questions about you:

Would I join my team?

Would I like to follow me?

Is this someone I could learn from?

If you answer no.

Why would others not answer no?

​Social Make Over

Heres what you need to do...

Make a list of attractive traits and things you are passionate about.

Make sure your Facebook page reflect them and you as a person via your post, status updates and pictures.

Delete all rants, complaining and negative post...

Be positive, ambitious & inspiring.

People will naturally start to reach out to you and ask what are you doing?

That is an open invitation to prospect

Doing this will attract prospects who want to hear about your opportunity towards you. This is one of the core principles of attraction marketing. I go into all the others here.


This approach of attracting people towards you turns you from the hunter tryna bag new prospects to the hunted.

It allows you to sort through who is interested in what you are doing and who is not without having to ask and have those awkward conversations.

This is a proven way to build using your Social Media without having to be pushy with friends and family and you can learn more about it here via Social Media Recruiter

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study.

But ultimately, enhancing your skill set by moving you into the 21st century. Are you ready for this journey?

Look forward to working with you.


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Aaron D Samuels

I help Network Marketers and small business owner to find new people to speak to about their business online. I teach free & paid strategies on how to leverage social media algorithm to get your content in front of the right people at the right time.

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