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How to Give Your Business Opportunity The Lynx Effect

Raring to go....

When I first started my Network Marketing / MLM journey, I was super excited and ready to hit the ground running. My Upline told me to write down a list of all my friends and family, as these are the people closest to me, therefore should be the first people I talk to about my new life changing business opportunity.

When writing my list, I as thinkng things like ...

“Yh, Mike would love something like this”


“Danni is always complaining about her job, this will be perfect for her”.writing a list

writing a list

It starts getting long....

So now armed with my 155 strong list I started working my way through it and the people I was almost certain would sign up on the spot simply didn't. I continued using this approach, as it’s the only one my upline told to do; So I kept going, sending dozen’s of the generic.....

“Hi long time, are you free for coffee? I have an exciting business opportunity to show you :)”

To High School/College/University friends who I haven’t really spoken to in years #Awks


Fast forward a few months, I was still chugging through the list with no results and motivation was diminishing fast!

I started to get frustrated with my friends & family, as they just didn't understand what an amazing opportunity I was presenting right on their laps. Plus they started to act apprehensive when I contacted them as they thought I was just going to try to pitch to them about “that thing again..”

Is it just me?..

It personally got to a point where I felt friends and family were actually trying to avoid me. People got the impression that the only reason I was contacting them was to pitch my business opportuniyy, which wasn’t always the case(well kinda).

I actually felt like I was a hunter trying to bag me a sign up and they actually started acting like the prey; avoiding and acting cautious around me, regretfully I lost a few friends through this cat & mouse process.

Must be another way..

This led me to look for alternative ways, which naturally lead me to the Internet to find solutions. Don’t get me wrong these ‘traditional’ methods DO work.

I have met many 6/7 figure earners who have built there business this way. However for me it didn’t suit the sort of person I was at all but I still saw the overridding benefit of Network Marketing.

Wishful thinking....

Growing up Lynx(Axe for you Americans) was always my body spray of choice, as a teenager the thought of something which would make girls automatically attracted to me was the stuff that dreams. Rather then me chasing after them, they actually chase after me and all for £2.99 for 2cans….


Surfing the Internet I quickly stumbled across the mantra of Attract Marketing, where rather then you finding people to talk to about your business opportunity, they actually come to you. The thought of having people who are ready, eager and looking to join MY business opportunity was almost unthinkable.

The game changer..

The thought of having people who are ready, eager and looking to join MY business opportunity was almost unthinkable. The e-book Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos was a real game changer for me; it introduced me to the power of Social Media/Internet and how I could leverage it to literally kick start my Networking Marketing Business

On reading Attraction Marketing it introduced me the world of rejection free recruiting where I was only speaking to interested prospects. It walked me through exactly how to use the likes of Facebook and Google to generate leads. Plus the fact that this could all be set up on auto-pilot and work around the clock.

So the good news is that there is hope, if you are tired of chasing after friends and family or even just looking for more leveraged way to recruit people into your business then, I would highly recommend the mantra of Attraction Marketing. Rather then being the hunter with the traditional recruiting methods you become the hunted. It is Lynx Africa on steriods for your Business.

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