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How To Get More Of Your Facebook Friends To Look At Your Opportunity?

Want to learn how to reach out to  a of ton of interested prospects on social media about your product without coming across weird or salesy?

Here I will share exactly what you have to do to get more of your Facebook friends to look at your "thing"

This technique will make you a PRO at acquiring customers on Facebook

Noone wants to receive a formatted generic message from an old college friend about a revolutionary product they now sale, with a video link explaining how it works.

Yet this is the strategy so many network marketers are using on social media to sell their product.

Unsurprisingly with little success

They copy & paste the same message, hoping someone will bite...

The reason this doesn't work is that it is impersonal, annoying and lazy. It is basically spam

How do you treat spam?

Your New Secret Weapon

To get more friends to firstly listen to what you have to say and then respond positively.

Use the voicenote feature in Facebook Messenger to reach out to them

Your prospect will open and listen to it out of curiosity.

Hearing your voice makes the connection personal and real meaning it will be less likely for them to say no

This is the reason we find it harder to give someone bad news face to face compared to via text.

Facebook messages are no different, it's easy for our FB friends to ignore or decline a written message but a personalised voice note is considerably more powerful

A Script that works great for this is...

"Hey xxx hope all is well, I saw xxx on your profile which is good to see. Listen there is something I would love to show you which I think you would be super interested in... whats a good time to get you on the phone?"

When sending the voice note, be sure to be authentic and add your personality to it.

Have a quick browse of their profile and start off with a compliment or something positive you have seen on it

Lastly, keep it short and sweet, don't ramble on. The less you say the better your conversion.

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