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How To Close Prospects Who Don’t Purchase On 1st Exposure

Speaking to people about your product/s but not able to convert them into paying customers?

Today I will share with you exactly how you can close more prospects who don’t purchase on the 1st exposure

Fortune is in the follow-up

On average it takes 7 exposures or touch points for us to reach a position where we are ready to buy

Therefore when you hear NO its important to remember it means

"Just Not right now"

Effective follow-up lets you turn No’s into eventual Yes’

YES = SELLS = £££

The best way to help your prospects reach a position where they are ready to buy is to use the Goodwill Bank Account…

A highly effective concept I learnt from sales guru Tyson Zahner

Which is as follows


Every time you solve a problem or provide value or help your prospects you are making a deposit



Every time you ask for a sale, you are making a withdrawal

The reason why most struggle to acquire new customers is all they do is ask for the sale and ask for money.

All without ever making a deposit, therefore, they end up getting declined

Its the equivalent of going out spending on your card without ever putting money on it

Here is what you do

Before you next ask a prospect to buy from you, ask yourself

“Do I have enough credit/money in the bank account with this person to make this withdrawal?"

This will help to guide  when  the best time to ask for the sell

How to deposit & cash out

To start building up deposit fast, simply ask your prospects:

How can I help you?

Then listen…

Once you listen

You can structure your products to help them with the problem they just told you

This approach will set you apart as your prospect will see you as genuinely trying to help and not as a sleazy 1-way salesperson

If you are looking to build deposits in the goodwill account with a large number of people at once. I’ve created a free video walking through how to leveraging social media to automate and scale this entire process

It is pretty straightforward click here and check it out

By focusing on making as many deposits with potential customers you will be able to convert  more prospects into paying customers

People will buy when its right for them, NOT when its right for you


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