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How To Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Around Your 9-5

18 months ago my business mentor Phil Jones introduced me to the following 2 mantras;

1.The busier you are the more productive you are.

2.A task takes as long as the time you set to complete it.

Golden Mantras…

Adopting these 2 mantras allowed me to build my network marketing business quickly and effectively around my J-O-B.

When I first started, my biggest challenge was I simply didn’t have enough time. I was working a 9-5 with an hour commute on each side plus I am an avid gym goer so I struggled to find time to build my business.

Free Time…

After reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey” I reviewed exactly what I did on a daily, weekly basis and found pockets of free time in my day. Also importantly I learnt how to completely compress the time I spent on regular activities I carried out including network marketing activities.

I now prospect 12 people per week dedicating only 60mins of my entire day to network marketing. Before this I wasn't even seeing 12 people a month yet I was spending 2/3 hours after work prospecting with little success.

Busy Busy Busy…

Top Tip - *Use your 'busy' schedule to your advantage*

I am going to share with you how I;

-Condensed the entire network marketing recruiting process — which dramatically saved me time.

-Created a sense of urgency -which made me appear more attractive to my prospects.

Using my 20min Power Meeting approach

Lets begin..

Inviting prospects

When contacting prospects I let them know I only have 20mins to grab a coffee, catch up or show them my opportunity. If I haven’t spoken to a prospect in sometime I use the 20min as solely a catch-up session. I don’t even mention network marketing or the opportunity

Golden rule - *Never exceed the 20mins even if they are begging you at 19:54mins to join*

Presenting the opportunity

-I learnt to present the opportunity anywhere and in less then 5mins. I am able to clearly and concisely present the opportunity just using a pen and Starbucks napkin.

-This made it possible for me to effectively present in a whole range of situation including on aeroplanes and even on vacation.


- I always make clear that I only have 20mins but let them know I am glad that we could make time to get together.

-Doing this I am in control of the meeting which makes it easier for me to stay on topic.
-Success loves speed. Cramming everything within such short time period creates a sense of urgency, gives my prospect the impression that I am super busy and that my time is valuable.

Ending meeting

-I always aim to leave the meeting 'uncompleted' and set second exposure right away.
This keeps them interested and more likely to want to follow up. I give them enough information about the opportunity to think over it and be able to come up with questions. Which always keeps them wanting to know more by the end of the meeting.


-At first I struggled with, being detached from the outcome, but as Jim Rohn says “if they join wonderful if they don't wonderful”. I always thanks them for giving me 20mins. If they clearly aren’t interested then I abort mission, put some time back in my diary. As a busy person I have no time to dwell on outcomes.

- I learnt quickly not to be afraid to ask for the sign up or sale, as I have a 9-5 and busy schedule …. I don’t have time to beat around the bush!

Free Time Galore

Your train ride to to work? Lunch break? Walk to the station? Walk to coffee shop? This is dead time that can be used for a 20min power meeting. I regularly arrange to meet people before work on my commute, I often do walking meetings at lunch with prospects. Using this approach, getting up just 20minutes earlier I can fit a meeting in before work.


Urgency is the key, applying this approach vastly decreased the time I spent prospecting. I am now able to do 1 meeting before work, 1 at lunch and 1 after work. Totalling 60mins a day... I did this 4 times a week which was 12 prospects per week I expose the business to on a weekly basis.

Recruiting isn't a skill it is a mindset. If you use this 20min power meeting you will be able to create massive momentum in your business without it interfering with your 9-5.

Try it out and let me know what kind of results you get.


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