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What To DM Prospects to Sell Your Product

Do you want to start using social media to connect with people about your product but don’t know what to say? Here I share with you a method that works scarily well irrespective of what you are selling.What to DM Prospects to Sell Your ProductThe best way to look at social media is to pretend you […]

What To Say If People Belittle Your Opportunity

‘How is doing *insert name of your company* a job or career? Heard this before? What is the best way to respond Here is my best advice Firstly it is important to put in perspective where the person is coming from 9/10 people are not trying to make you feel bad or kick your confidence. What they are REALLY asking isCan […]

How NOT to Prospect on Facebook

Last night a messaged popped up in my Facebook inbox from a girl I use to go University with, who I hadn’t seen or spoken to since I left circa 5+years ago. It started with the“Hey I hope you are good…. Recently I have introduced to a business opportunity where you can earn money from the […]