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4 Steps To Find Interested Customers

 Struggling to find anyone interested in buying your products? Here I share with you a quick but very powerful exercise that will allow you to find a ton of people who want your product.Are you fishing in the right pond? The great thing about network marketing companies is the products you have… Have been consumer tested, quality tested […]

How To Prospect Without Feeling Embarrassed

If you feel embarrassed, talking to friends and family about your opportunity, it’s probably down to one of the following; You believe they will judge you for joining one of those “pyramid schemes” Or You believe they will think you are just using them to make money Clueless right? Truth is Network Marketing has a negative stigma attached to it […]

Why Independent Distributors Lie

Motivation to lieThose who join MLM company do so for very specific reasons. Some become fed up with where they are in life. Others are tired of the rat race and are attracted by the idea of not being tied down to a 9-5. Many are drawn towards the idea of earning residual income allowing them to stop […]

4 Easy Steps To Get More Customers Using Social Media

Million dollar question…A common question I get from both Network Marketers and Traditional Entrepreneurs is….. “How can I use social media to help sell my product or service”This question reminded me of my first job as a retail assistant at River Island. I use to struggle with up-selling accessories when customers were at the til. […]