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How To Sell ANYTHING By Blogging For Newbies

Want to start blogging?

Whether you are looking to get people to read about your passion or make some serious cash selling products

Blogging is definitely the way to go.

The problem you face is ...

How do you make yourself stand out, when there is so much other content competing for your audience attention?

And even when you do get their attention...

How do you make them stick around and read what you wrote?

AND when you've gotten their attention and them to stick around...

How do you get them to take the relevant action? Whether it signing up to your regular mailing list or buying a product you are offering.

When I first started these are all the questions & problems I faced...

I was someone who just about passed English language in school, therefore, the thought of blogging scared the life out of me.

The first blog I wrote was pretty terrible but after learning over time how to grab my readers attention and get them to take immediate action.

I started creating blogs that not only got me tons of views but also made me a reasonable amount of money selling products

I've summarised the simple structure I use in 5 easy steps

1. Expose Pain

Grab your audience attention with an opening line which says "hey you are in the right place and what follows WILL offer you a solution to  your problem"

You only have 5 seconds to capture your reader's attention before they exit your page

Therefore you need to hook them to stay

Highlighting one of your audience pain is the most effective way to do this. As it is a natural reaction for us to always seek too avoid pain.

2. Agitate the pain

Here is where you start prodding the pain point with a stick.

You want your reader to really see the pain point as a major problem they NEED to find a solution to asap.

3. Tell your story

Draw on your personal experience of experiencing the pain point.

This humanises you and makes you relatable to the reader. If you've never experienced it directly, use a story or analogy that is relatable.

4. Provide the solution

This is the big reveal, this is what you have been leading up to.

You've highlighted your reader's pain, you've made them really realise it is a massive problem that they need answers for NOW.

You must offer them the solution (well part of it). Valuable, informative, helpful info only

5. Call to Action (Call to action)

In the section before you've given them some of the solution to show them that you can actually help.

The CTA is where you present your product or whatever action you want your reader to take as the full solution to their problem

10 Powerful Blogging Secrets

Using this 5 step formula will allow you to write compelling copy to get readers to take action.

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Like anything worth learning it will take time and practice to master..

But ultimately, enhancing your skill set by moving you into the 21st century. Are you ready for this journey?

Look forward to working with you


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