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4 Easy Steps To Get More Customers Using Social Media

Million dollar question…A common question I get from both Network Marketers and Traditional Entrepreneurs is….. “How can I use social media to help sell my product or service”This question reminded me of my first job as a retail assistant at River Island. I use to struggle with up-selling accessories when customers were at the til. […]

How I lost 20kg In Under 100days

Two days after ‘the incident’ happened I entered the Miami Pro Fitness Model Championship. As what’s more motivating to get in shape than having to stand in your pants infront a room full of strangers !Consistent struggles… For the past 8 years I had been a regular gym go-er, my weight would always fluctuate a […]

How NOT to Prospect on Facebook

Last night a messaged popped up in my Facebook inbox from a girl I use to go University with, who I hadn’t seen or spoken to since I left circa 5+years ago. It started with the“Hey I hope you are good…. Recently I have introduced to a business opportunity where you can earn money from the […]

The Secret to Achieving Success in 2016

Its the end of December and I would bet all the presents under my Christmas tree that you have heard already the standard: “Next year will be a better year” “2016 will be the year that I…..” “Next year will be my year” speal. These are phrases I am sure we have all uttered at some points in our lives, […]