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What To DM Prospects to Sell Your Product

Do you want to start using social media to connect with people about your product but don’t know what to say? Here I share with you a method that works scarily well irrespective of what you are selling.What to DM Prospects to Sell Your ProductThe best way to look at social media is to pretend you […]

What To Say If People Belittle Your Opportunity

‘How is doing *insert name of your company* a job or career? Heard this before? What is the best way to respond Here is my best advice Firstly it is important to put in perspective where the person is coming from 9/10 people are not trying to make you feel bad or kick your confidence. What they are REALLY asking isCan […]

4 Steps To Find Interested Customers

 Struggling to find anyone interested in buying your products? Here I share with you a quick but very powerful exercise that will allow you to find a ton of people who want your product.Are you fishing in the right pond? The great thing about network marketing companies is the products you have… Have been consumer tested, quality tested […]

How To Sell ANYTHING By Blogging For Newbies

Want to start blogging? Whether you are looking to get people to read about your passion or make some serious cash selling productsBlogging is definitely the way to go. The problem you face is … How do you make yourself stand out, when there is so much other content competing for your audience attention? And even when you do […]

3 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Opportunity On Facebook

Struggle to get people on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site to interact with your post promoting your companies product ? Below I share the TOP 3 most engaging ways you can promote your product on Facebook to convert the MAX number of Facebook friends into loyal customers.The BIG Problem The reason network marketers struggle […]

How To Prospect Without Feeling Embarrassed

If you feel embarrassed, talking to friends and family about your opportunity, it’s probably down to one of the following; You believe they will judge you for joining one of those “pyramid schemes” Or You believe they will think you are just using them to make money Clueless right? Truth is Network Marketing has a negative stigma attached to it […]

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