About Me – A D Samuels

Aaron D Samuels is a 26yr old London-er who loves to laze on exotic beaches and eat Lasagne (not at the same time though).

When Aaron was firstly introduced to Network Marketing he struggled massively with having to prospect uninterested friends and family. This resulted in zero results, many awkward 1 on 1 meetings in starbucks and ultimately a very frustrated Aaron. This was until he learnt how to leverage social media, which lead to people harassing him to join his opportunity and customers finding him demanding his products.

Aaron then used these very same techniques to help build both his real estate and fitness business.

After his sucess with using social media to build his businesses, Aaron now spends his time teaching Network Marketers, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to do the same.

If you are looking to build real momentum in your business and learn all the social media tricks and secrets then get in touch with me, I am eager to help.

My mission is to help 26 people double the size of their businesses this year using the power of social media.

“This blog is for those who want to build their business and attract new customers using Social Media”