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4 Steps To Find Interested Customers

Struggling to find anyone interested in buying your products?

Here I share with you a quick but very powerful exercise that will allow you to find a ton of people who want your product.

Are you fishing in the right pond?

The great thing about network marketing companies is the products you have...

Have been consumer tested, quality tested and most importantly proven to convert into sells.

Top earners in your companies sell the same products as you for the same price.

Therefore there are people not only willing but currently handing over money for your product.

You may be struggling to sell as your friends and family are not the target market for your product/s.

Imagine having a ton of bait and fancy fishing equipment but if there are no fish in the pond you are at you will struggle.

The exercise below will help you to find different ponds full of interested and ready to buy prospects

Ideal customer finder

1. Write down the specific problems your product/ service solves.


- Diet shake —> lose weight

- Multi-Vitamins — > More energy

- Preferential service rates —> Save on essential services

- Vegan Moisturiser —> Better skin

2.     List potential markets and market segments your solution addresses (narrow down by asking "whom specifically might I help?


Lose Weight

sub-segment -- >new moms, teenagers, women in 40's

More energy

sub segment --> Busy executives, newbie runners

3. Pick top 10 markets & rank

When choosing a market

Choose one that interest you.

The more interested you are the more you’ll to able to relate and understand them.

Being empathetic helps massively when providing the solution to their specific problem. We naturally build relationships are buy from people who we see as similar to ourselves or those who have shared similar experiences to us.

Pick a market that customers are already buying products similar or related to yours

Check Facebook to see if your potential markets have a big audience on Facebook groups

Facebook has a ton of weight watcher groups for new moms or even moms of twins

4. Pick the top 3

Now you’ve identified who you can target and most importantly back to point one, whose solutions you can start to help to solve

Next Step

The next step is to find out exactly how best to get your product/proposition  in front of your newly selected target customer.

I’ve created a free video where I talk about the Facebook strategy I use to connect directly with interested and ready to buy customers in my top 3 markets.

Ready to learn more?

Then make sure you click here and check it out

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.


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