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4 Easy Steps To Get More Customers Using Social Media

Million dollar question...

A common question I get from both Network Marketers and Traditional Entrepreneurs is.....

"How can I use social media to help sell my product or service"

This question reminded me of my first job as a retail assistant at River Island. I use to struggle with up-selling accessories when customers were at the til.

My manager at the time was observing me to get to the bottom of the problem. A tall women approached my til with a pair of shoes, before she even put down her items i blurted out "Do you shoe polish with those" she instinctly responded "No". After she left my manager took me to the side and said....

"People LOVE To Buy But HATE To Be Sold To."

no No NO NO!

I'm sure you've seen your timelines littered with people consistently pushing their products or service, how often have you clicked through?...

This isn't the best way to get people interested- it's repetitive, annoying and outdated. We've been so bombarded with advertising that we have developed 'spam blindness' and don't even notice the messages. Making this kind of marketing practically useless.

Another problem with this approach is that it can cheapen your brand. What really showed me how damaging it can be, was when my company first introduced a range of wellness prodcts. Reps were quick to jump on, praising the benefits of the products and how simply and effectively the product could help you lose weight…….

The problem was that a lot of the people posting were overweight! And looked liked the last people you would take Health & Wellness advice from.

They made it look like either they weren’t using the product or the product didn't work- This approach is soo frustrating and is one of the reasons why some network marketers have such a bad name. They are seen as people just trying to sell you shit..

The right approach...

Trust is key when it comes to someone buying from you and it's important to keep that by being as honest as you can.

What I love about social media is it gives you the ability to engage and communicate with large amounts of people, which when done properly can open the door to thousands of new ready to buy customers.

So rather then just constantly posting about how great your company’s new gluten-free weight loss shake or your new Vegan face moisturiser is....

Million dollar answer...

The most effective approach to get more customers is to simply....

Become A Product Of Your Product/Service.

Be the example of the benefits that you're telling everyone they need! Rather then a loud obnoxious robot.

Here are the 4 Steps that will generate instant interest around your product & have people messaging you to buy it:

1) Try the product and get friends/family to try (give out free samples)

Trying the product for yourself is vital as you will ultimately make more sales telling people about your expereince with the product opposed to wheeling off a list of the its ingredients. The benefit of giving samples to friends or family is you now have other poeples expereince and stories to use when speaking to potential customers. Also if your family/friends like the product then they can become your customers.

2) Record/document your journeys and progress with product/service

Create interest around the results of your product, when social media can see you getting results using the product they will make contact with you as we are naturally nosey & inquisitive.. When speaking to new customers you can show them the benefit you and your family/friends have got using the product.

3) Share the above on Social Media regularly

Take social media on a journey with you, the massive rise in the popularity of reality TV shows & social media is because we naturally like to know what others are doing. Take advantage of this, it may even be worth creating a dedicated fan page, naturally we love to be part of communities and movements bigger than ourselves

4) Reach out to help others get and help them get results

Now you are armed with your knowledge, personal expereince and testimonals you can reach out to people. I regularly reach out to people who I see complaining about their weight or struggling to stay motivated offering hellp and support. I never lead with my product just a possible solution for them.

Now go forth

This 4 Step approach will dramatically increase peoples interest in what you have to offer. As I mentioned earlier, people love to buy and there is nothing more compelling than when they see actual results. Using this approach makes you come across genuine, attractive and is the start of you creating your own personal brand.

Now you shouldn't have too do any selling yourself, the results that your products has produced should do that for you. As i mentioned when you do message people yourself or comment on a status always lead with the solution you have not the problem.

Use. Get Results. Tell The World. Help Others Do The Same. REPEAT


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