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3 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Opportunity On Facebook

Struggle to get people on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site to interact with your post promoting your companies product ?

Below I share the TOP 3 most engaging ways you can promote your product on Facebook to convert the MAX number of Facebook friends into loyal customers.

The BIG Problem

The reason network marketers struggle to promote their business and products on Facebook  is they are treating it like a marketing board and just trying to sell... it is important to remember

Facebook is a place your friends and family go to keep up to date with loved ones, connect with new people and let the world know what they are up to.

Not to be sold to


We ALL hate being sold to but we do love to buy

Here are 3 easy tips you can implement immediately to get people responding to what you post and ultimately reaching out to you asking for more info or to buy  

1) Create Curiosity

Avoid mentioning the name of your company or the product.

By posting pictures of your product or mentioning your company name. 

Your giving people on Facebook the opportunity to go away, do their own research and come to their own conclusion on what you are offering without even reaching out to you. 

You don't want to give them the opportunity to do this

Instead, post before n after pictures or write status about results or how you felt after using your product. 

Include a call to action such as "message me and I'll share how I did it" or "tag a friend who would like to have more blank

People who want the results same.... will comment, ask questions, share with others and reach out to you

2) Ask questions

By asking questions you will find out issues, concerns or ideas your audience have which your product or opportunity can help solve. 

It also helps generate conversation which is great for engagement and will naturally get others who have an opinion involved

It will also help you find and connect with open-minded people, you will be surprised by the responses you get and who they are from

If you are are in health and wellness niche

Ask questions such as:

"Who would like to lose weight without killing themselves in the gym?"

"Who have any tasty meatless recipes?"

These questions will identify potentially great prospects

Questions shouldn't just be product or opportunity focus. Be authentic and put your personality and own interest into it

3) Share Knowledge

Post content that will be of value, useful or even entertaining to people seeing it

If you are in the finance niche:

Share tips on how to save money or 2 steps on how to reduce your gas bill

When you educate people they will start to see you as an authority figure or expert and start to trust you.

As they start trusting you they will reach out asking for advice and recommendations

A Better Way...

Facebook gives you the ability to build report and relationship with many people at once and can be a great place place to find prospects

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